8 Interior Design Trends that are taking over 2018

As a design focused company, and a supplier of interior based products we know that trends are a matter of life. And this season we’ve put together our favourite interior design trends from all around the world, that are set to soar in 2018.


Textures, Textures And More Textures

2018 is going to be a big year for leather, rattan, wicker, and velvet. With British designers already embracing the trend, such as Tom Dixon, Anouska Hempel and Charlotte Crosland to name but a few. Velvet is billed to be the fabric of choice for statement soft furnishing, our favourite such item, and a must-have for any country house is a Forest Green Chesterfield. As for leather, it’s all about bedrooms & quilted chairs, in particular, suedes in bold colours.

Pattern Plants

Plants are a massive trend from 2017 that’s set to continue into this coming year, in particular, big plants and succulents have driven a 533% rise in plant-based searches on Instagram since last year. This year, however, they’ll be patterned, with vibrant designs and colours, a guaranteed uplift of colour to any room.

Interior design trends - plants

Terrazzo Is Back

Stylish in the ‘70s, uncool in the ‘90s, in demand in 2018. Spotted in Wes Anderson’s Bar Luce, The Met Bruer and even crayon collections, terrazzo is quickly cementing its status as 2018’s biggest emerging interior design trend. Its versatility is key to its success - terrazzo, whether styled in an understated monochromatic fashion or a macaroon pastel iteration, complements a variety of home decor styles, minimalist or maximalist.

Interior design trends - Terrazzo

Earthy Neutrals

Grey may still be the neutral of choice for many interiors, but colour is set to be bolder this year. We’re feeling braver with colour choices - on both walls and furniture pieces, as sofa colour choices of late have demonstrated. Sage is slated to be the new neutral. Replacing the likes of pure white, beige and stone - the muted green with grey undertones is certainly bolder than others. Paired with woods and a cream colour palette, the green will soften and warm up any space.

Interior design trends - earthy neutrals

Bold Pigments

Yes, there are new neutrals but bold pigments are still set to be hot this year. We predict an abundance of burnt orange and greens - including forest and cactus green - as well as peacock blue, Bordeaux and blood reds with ochre.

Interior design trends - bold pigments

Dark woods

The Scandi trend that seems to have reigned forever, may sway us towards lighter woods and indiscreet furniture but this year, it’s all about colour and bolder timbers. Expect to see the likes of dark oak, mahogany and textured walnut pieces adding a new depth to any room. If you’re after a statement piece in walnut this season then check out our R7 Radiogram with its walnut body and black legs.

Interior design trends - dark woods

Authentic Travel

Travel always influences interiors trends, with this spring being no exception. Influences from India and Morocco are all the rage this year. Earthy shades of clay, terracotta and ochre feature on global-inspired prints, which will play a key role this season. The patterns, materials, and textiles all have a natural, raw feel to them, making them extremely tactile. Patterns featured on soft furnishings and serve-ware are inspired by traditional block printing.

Interior design trends - authentic travel

Bold As Brass

From brass to nickel - less high shine materials will add a more organic element to your space. The big difference this year is the choice of metallic finish - think less copper and rose gold, more industrial shades of metal, in particular brass. Brass is the most sophisticated and organic of the metallic colour palette. Brass furniture pieces, mirrors, and accessories all help to add a luxurious finish to any room - soft pink and emerald green both accentuate brass and gold tones perfectly.

If you’re after a key statement piece for your interior this season, check out our product range.

Interior design trends - brass