R7 High Fidelity Radiogram

The radiogram redefined

With honed aesthetics and enhancements to sound and technology, R7 Mk3 is a wonderful ground-breaking sound system that will satisfy music lovers and design aficionados alike. A modern work of art, R7 Mk3 is the realisation of our dream to remaster the radiograms of yesteryear bringing this iconic ideology completely up to date. Furthermore with the addition of our optional TV mount, R7 can be transformed into a complete audio/visual system making it the centrepiece for all your home entertainment needs.

The successor to our Home Audio Product of the Year 2016 is another top-class product from Ruark. There’s nothing else quite like it.

Trusted Reviews

The sound has also been completely revamped. I was able to compare the new R7 directly with the old one, and they really have pulled off some serious witchcraft in there. For an all-in-one hi-fi, it sounds sensational.

Daily Mail

Designed for Sound

Our audio heritage has enabled us to understand the synergy of cabinet, amplifier and drive unit design in creating beautiful sound. An example of this is R7‘s hand crafted enclosure which we have tuned to provide optimal conditions for the drive units and electronics. Furthermore we have designed bespoke stereo speaker units where the high and low frequency components are combined into a single point source driver. These provide an extended natural frequency response, with a lifelike soundstage to immerse you in stunning sound.

R7 RotoDial controller

Beautiful to Control

Our RotoDial controller sited on top of R7 provides a slick control system which is intuitive and easy to use. Exclusively for R7 Mk3 we have designed a matching remote control which mirrors in form and function exactly the main controller. Sited on a table or sitting in your hand the R7 remote is an ergonomic delight and with superior radio communication it does not need to be aimed during operation as is usual with conventional infrared remote controls. Also coming soon we have a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices called Ruark LINK. This allows full control of R7 functions and also displays information on the source material being played.

R7 AV Mount

A Complete AV Solution

With the addition of our Audio Visual Mount, R7 is transformed from a music system into a striking audio/visual solution! Designed exclusively for R7, TVs and associated equipment can be integrated with R7 to make an awesome ‘all-in-one’ system that will be the centre piece for all your home entertainment needs, providing sound quality that will make television and films all the more captivating and enjoyable.

Multi-Format CD Player

For the finest sound quality, CD is still one of the best ways to experience music and R7 Mk3 features a high specification slot loading player that will make your CD collection sound better than ever. Alongside standard CDs, R7 will also play self-made CDs encoded with popular audio formats such as WAV, MP3 and AAC and also displays track and artist information when this data is available on the disc.

A World of Radio

With its quality DAB, DAB+ and FM tuners, R7 provides easy access to radio broadcasts nation-wide and with its internet tuner, you can connect with over 30,000 stations worldwide. If you’re living away from home, with internet radio you can stay connected with your favourite shows from home and if you love Country or Jazz music then you can search by musical genre worldwide to find stations that specialise in the type of music you love. R7 also allows you to access radio podcasts and catch-up services, notably programmes from the BBC, so you can listen at your leisure.

Great Connectivity

R7 has switchable analogue and digital inputs allowing auxiliary devices such as Amazon Dot and Google Home to be easily connected and with the resurgence of vinyl we have also included a dedicated turntable input with a quality moving magnet phono stage built in. Also featured is a multi-purpose USB socket which allows you to conveniently charge your smartphones and also playback music stored on a memory stick or portable hard drive. Furthermore, all these inputs are multi-room enabled and if desired can be streamed wirelessly to our R2 Mk3 and new MRx models.

Spotify Connect Built In

R7 Mk3 has Spotify the world’s leading music streaming service built in and with a Spotify Premium account you can select R7 as your playback device and then control the music using R7’s RotoDial, remote control or our soon to be released Ruark LINK app for Apple and Android devices. With a vast library of over 20 million tracks, Spotify Premium and R7 will allow you to discover new music and enjoy old favourites with sound that will transform your listening experience.

Ethernet Connection

R7 has been designed for wireless connectivity, but also we’ve included an ethernet connector so R7 can be wired to a network if required. A wired ethernet connection ensures reliability in playback and can be useful if you want to use R7 where the wi-fi signal from your home router is variable or weak. In this case, ethernet powerline adaptors can be used and these provide a reliable solution to resolve network problems.

Multi-Room Ready

Alone R7 Mk3 is an outstanding music system, but with its ‘multi-room’ capabilities you can wirelessly link and sync it with one or more of our R2 Mk3 and new MRx so you can distribute music all around your home. Every source and input on R7 can be multi-roomed including the turntable input, making R7 the perfect hub for your entertainment needs. Set-up and control of multi-room can be performed directly on R7, but also coming soon is a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices called Ruark LINK. This allows control of each device in the multi-room group, so volume etc. can be balanced to your liking.

High Definition Bluetooth

R7 Mk3 features the very latest aptX HD audio technology which partners with Bluetooth so you can stream music wirelessly from compatible devices to R7 in perfect high definition sound that is indistinguishable from a wired connection. Bluetooth’s ease of use has made it the foremost method for audio streaming and it works with virtually all leading Apps including Spotify, Apple Music and BBC iPlayer Radio. Most importantly sound quality over Bluetooth with R7 is simply outstanding.

Power and Grace

The electronics inside R7 Mk3 have been painstakingly developed to provide the best possible sound. With audio grade components used throughout, R7 features a high capacity linear power supply coupled to a 2.1 channel Class A-B discrete component amplifier. With a nominal rating of 160 watts, R7 is a powerful device and sound is reproduced with effortless ease. Enhancing further the performance of R7 is an integrated active subwoofer that underpins and adds authority and enjoyment to every piece of music played.


  • Sound
    • 2 × Ruark Audio 140mm dual concentric drive units
    • Integrated active subwoofer with 200mm long throw driver
    • Linear Class A-B Amplifier, 160 watts nominal output
    • Adjustable treble and bass settings
    • Enhanced 3D sound processing
    • Audio grade components throughout
    • Loudness function provides enhanced sound at low volume levels
  • CD Player
    • Slot loading CD player plays CD-Audio, MP3, AAC and WMA music disks
    • Text support for CD and USB playback when available
  • Wireless
    • Wireless audio streaming from networked storage devices and PCs
  • Multi-Room Ready
    • Multi-Room mode allows wireless synchronisation with one or more of our MRx connected wireless speaker or R2 streaming music system
  • Tuner
    • DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS for local and national reception
    • Internet Receiver for world-wide radio reception
    • 30 station pre-sets (10 DAB, 10 FM, 10 Internet)
  • Bluetooth
    • Built in aptX HD Bluetooth receiver provides 24-bit high resolution playback from compatible devices
  • Spotify
    • Spotify Connect provides seamless integration with Spotify App and access to 20+ million tracks
  • Display
    • High contrast OLED display with large format clock
    • Adjustable brightness to suit requirements
  • Connectivity
    • 1 × RIAA gain stage input for turntable (RCA connectors)
    • 2 × stereo analogue inputs (RCA connectors)
    • 2 × digital optical TOSLINK inputs
    • 1 × stereo analogue output (RCA connectors)
    • USB charge (5V 1.0A) and playback port. Codec’s supported include WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP3
    • Ethernet port for direct connection to network
    • Front mounted stereo headphone output
  • Alarm
    • Easy-to-use programable dual alarm with once, daily, weekday and weekend settings
    • Adjustable alarm volume
    • Adjustable snooze and sleep timers
  • Controls
    • Intuitive ‘click to select’ RotoDial control system and matching RotoDial radio remote
    • Ruark LINK App (coming soon) provides full control of R7 from iOS and Android devices
  • Standard Finishes
    • Rich Walnut veneer with Camira Lead Grey grille fabric and satin black spindle legs
    • Soft Grey lacquer with Camira Lead Grey grille fabric and natural cherry spindle legs
  • In the Box
    • R7 comes supplied with spindle legs for free standing mode or puck feet for mounting on an existing sideboard or AV cabinet
  • Mains Power Requirement
    • 100-120/200-240VAC, 50-60Hz; 250V T6.3A fuse
  • Dimensions
    • H185 × W1000 × D425mm on puck feet
    • H650 × W1000 × D425mm on spindle legs
  • Weight
    • 30kg
  • Price
    • £2,300.00 (SRP UK)

Reviews for R7

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It’s a wondersome product - and possibly an instant classic.

Financial Times

We’ll eat our hats if there’s a more tantalisingly desirable piece of audio kit out this year.

The Prodigal Guide

R7 is a wonderful piece of furniture, but as an audio system, it’s sublime. Thank you Ruark Audio!

Mr Bass

Fits well into our living room. Sound quality and appearance excellent.

Michael Ansfield

Hi-Fi often takes up space; The Ruark R7 makes space.

Stuff Magazine

Utterly unique – and irresistible.

Mail on Sunday Event Magazine

Fabulous design, great sound quality and excellent build quality!

Giancarlo Jacobellis

Anything that manages to bring quality carpentry and high-end stereo into Esquire’s front room is alright by us.

Esquire Magazine

Service has been flawless - not something I often say! I am thrilled with my R7, a lovely piece of furniture and providing me with just what I want for my new sitting room, choices of radio and a great audio sound. Good to do business with a family run company.

Su Pecha

I’ve never heard my music sound this good and it looks wonderful too.

Mr Brown

Very impressive product. The classic styling makes the R7 unique and very special. The superb sound quality and up to date features are the icing on the cake. Everyone I have shown it to leaves drooling.

Robert Spearing

A marriage of modern hi-fi performance and iconic British radiogram styling, the R7 is as much a piece of furniture as a sound system.


It’s been three years in development, but judging by the specifications and the photographs, it has been worth the wait.

Retro to Go

Overall, the ‘radiogram redefined’ as Ruark describes the R7 is an unqualified success. Fully justifying its premium price tag, it delivers on style, facilities, engineering, build quality, and not least sound quality. Very desirable, I started out really liking it; I ended up absolutely loving it.

Radio Listeners Guide

Ruark Audio is better known for its small and mighty speakers, but its new ‘21st century radiogram’ will be the focal point of any living space.

The Telegraph

The R7 doesn’t blend into the furniture: you’d happily design your entire living room around it.

Telegraph Magazine

The R7 looks wonderful sitting in our lounge and since having it our television has been virtually forgotten! We’ve never enjoyed our music so much.

Andy Smith

What seals the deal is that it’s a real pleasure to operate and, most importantly of all, it delivers a remarkably powerful and pleasing sound.

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

What can I say but ‘Stunning’!

Mike Shires

A true classic and worth every penny.

Mr Aldridge

Words cannot describe how good the R7 is! You just have to listen.

Paul Notley

As a piece of furniture, it’s a good-looking beast. There’s a beautiful finish to it that screams quality, so even if you’re not listening to the wonderfully rich music it will give you, it’s still a talking point.


We waited a long time to get our hands on this product and have to say that the wait was totally worthwhile.

Mrs Hobson

A truly awesome all-in-one audio solution that can also be turned into a near-perfect TV stand.

Trusted Reviews

The Ruark Audio R7 is a modern classic in the making.

BBC Music Magazine


Ruark Audio R7 in Rich Walnut Veneer finish

Rich Walnut Veneer with satin black spindle legs

Ruark Audio R7 in Soft Grey lacquer finish

Soft Grey with natural cherry spindle legs