Why the MR1 Should Be Top of Your Christmas List

Ah, Christmas – twinkling lights, office parties and more boxes of Quality Streets than is humanly possible to make a dent in. It’s also that time of year when loved ones might ask what you’re hoping for under the tree. We may be biased, but there’s nothing quite like unwrapping a beautiful new sound system on Christmas morning to bring a little bit of joy to your household.

And gifts don’t come much more desirable than Ruark’s inimitable MR1 speaker system. Renowned for its timeless design, unrivalled versatility and impeccable sound that fills any room, it’s also just received a What Hi-Fi award, deemed the Best Desktop Speaker for 2021.

On its own, the MR1 acts as a complete music system, but it can also be linked with a turntable for that glorious vinyl listening experience. Fancy your own Spotify playlist for New Year’s? A high-quality aptX Bluetooth receiver means you can play DJ for the night - streaming your music from your phone, tablet or laptop with ease.

With the MR1, gone are the days of needing a bulky hi-fi system that takes up a whole room; the small but mighty speaker packs all the punch you need, delivering sound far beyond the means of its handy, compact size. While many smaller speakers use a basic single component crossover for ease, we wanted to give our users the best sound possible, using only the highest grade components guaranteed to match those of much larger hi-fi systems.

So that’s the sound down, what about the style? We source materials that not only look good, but that we know from experience provide the best sound quality. Take the fixed grille on the speaker face – we chose a unique tactile fabric which seamlessly blends with the modern-retro design, and also has outstanding acoustic properties to enhance Ruark’s signature sound.

Well, clearly we’re pretty big fans of MR1, but what about the tech experts? Just last month, T3 gave the speakers 5 stars in its in-depth review, deeming them ‘powerful, versatile Bluetooth-ready speakers…some of the best sound around’. What Hi-Fi explained that its ‘superb sound and smart design ensure the MR1s remain the class-leader’. And buying guides on the likes of GQ, Classical Music and PC Gamer have all given their stamp of approval for the MR1 – listing it as one of the top speakers to get your hands on.

So whether you’re in the market for a desktop, turntable or TV speaker this festive season, look no further than the MR1 for class-leading sound and style. Even those Christmas hits which you’re bound to be sick of by the 25th will be given a whole new lease of life, that’s a win in itself, right?