Where Design Meets Sound, At Six

If there are two things that pair well together, it’s great design and quality sound. Furthermore, couple those things with a Negroni and some grilled veal and you’ve got the makings of a great night.

Ruark recently partnered with At Six in Sweden. A design focused hotel which gives us all kinds of feels. With its striking interiors crafted by Universal Design Studio, art curated by Sune Nordgren and rooms big enough to host even the most debaucherous parties in, It’s the kind of ambient space that whips the cultured, musical and fashionable types into a frenzy.

More so, what makes this hotel unique is its emphasis on sound, which can be experienced in its highlight, the listening lounge. A social living room, that focuses on sound and music quality rather than volume. Throughout its development, the design team kept the end goal front of mind. This was to gather together world-class collectors and international DJs to collaborate and produce experiences like no other. With the listening lounge offering the perfect environment for everything linked to sound, whether that be music lectures, record releases, live podcasts, album sessions or inspirational talks.

As a music-centric company, Ruark were delighted to be invited to be involved with At Six recently, by supplying 463 R2 sound systems for each of the hotel’s bedrooms. As we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and in their build and sound power, we hope that those guests visiting At Six truly enjoy the sound of a radio built by a family of music-loving crafters.

The R2 itself is our 3rd generation model embodying our core principles, in a timeless and compact manner. While the latest R2 remains true to its roots, it has completely transformed, so virtually everything about it is new. The R2 now incorporates streaming technology, and support for Spotify Connect.

Ruark’s R2

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If you are a hotelier and would like more information about Ruark sound systems please contact us at hospitality@ruark.co.uk.