Software Update for R2 Mk3

We are pleased to report that we now have a software update available for R2 Mk3 which allows access to BBC listen again programs and other features.

In some cases your R2 will detect that a software update is available and prompt you to install, but if this is not the case, through the menu button select ‘system’ and then ‘software update’ which will give you the option to install. Of course you will need R2 connected to your network for installation to take place.

The most important feature of this new update is that it will give you access to the BBC’s library of ‘listen again’ programs, so if you like and missed Johnnie Walker’s ‘Sounds of the 70’s’ on Sunday afternoon, you can now catch up whenever you want. The update also gives R2 owners access to higher quality internet radio streams, so you can be assured of the best possible sound quality at all times.

Please note that as this software upgrade is quite major, that it will delete any internet radio presets that you may have saved. We are sorry about this but we hope customers will forgive this minor inconvenience in light of the benefits it brings.

a black r2 mk3 sitting on a kitchen worktop