Sleep with Eve, Wake up with Ruark

We have all experienced the feeling of waking up from a bad night’s sleep, only for it to impact the rest of your day. We all want our sleep situation to be just right, but sometimes your mattress is too hard, too soft, or maybe it’s old and has a few springs poking out. Your alarm rudely awakens you at the wrong time during your sleep cycle, meaning that groggy feeling is here to stay. Which is why Eve Sleeps tagline resonates with all, ‘Everybody deserves the perfect start’.

‘Imagine waking up every morning ready to take on the World’.


Here at Ruark HQ, we are huge fans of a good night’s sleep! That’s why the decision to collaborate with Eve was just right. We truly believe that your evening routine and the way you sleep is just as vital as the way you wake up. When you go to sleep with Eve, you are sinking back into a choice of 3 carefully selected mattresses straight into the land of nod; when you wake up with Ruark, you are gently arisen from your slumber into your dream morning – goodbye rude awakenings.

Eve Sleep’s purpose is to help people rest better through simple, beautiful and accessible design. All of their products are designed in-house and they use only the best quality materials, which made the choice of collaboration even easier as they align with our goals perfectly!

Whilst designing a new product we really consider our customers’ lifestyles, we understand our customers appreciate a good night’s sleep and appreciate an easy awakening even better. We designed our bedside companion, R1, with two comprehensive programmable alarm settings so you can be raised from your slumbers with beautiful natural sound exactly when you want. R1 also has adjustable sleep and snooze timers so you can doze off and snooze with its soothing sound.

When Dave made the decision to buy a new mattress earlier this year, there was only one clear winner, Eve’s ‘the original’ mattress was the one for him. Having tried and tested both the mattress and ‘the original pillow’, and constantly raving about what a great night’s sleep he had, Dave was a firm fan. So, when the discussion about potential collaborations came up, he was only too keen to offer Eves name!

a photo of a woman sitting on an eve bed, with a ruark radio, and bottle of wine

The Perfect Start

The first of many Ruark Audio X Eve Sleep collaborations starts with their brand-new competition, designed to give you that perfect start! Running throughout the month of September 2018, Eve Sleep are offering you the chance to win not only a bundle of incredible products (the original mattress, the bed frame, two memory foam pillows and the duvet), but you could win your mortgage or rent paid for a whole year!! Yes, you did read that right… A WHOLE YEAR!

Better yet, we have gifted 5 of our R1 Deluxe Bluetooth Radios, the perfect bedside companion to give away to 5 lucky runners up! Our prizes will run alongside products from three other brands; Ticture London, TaskRabbit and Nakedwines.

So, say goodnight with Eve, and say good morning with Ruark…

Competition has now closed

Written by: Topaz Garrard