Jam Jar Jazz

Here at Ruark we love music of all genres, with Jazz being one of our favourites. Indeed Alan’s interview on Jazz fm was one of the highlights for us in November.

Always keen to assist and nurture local talent it was with great pleasure that we decided to sponsor Jam Jar Jazz, a new travelling Jazz Club, being the brainchild of Elisa Adams and her friend and fellow songstress, Hannah Marsh. Their launch night last August was met with rave reviews and so their Christmas special called for something bigger and better and indeed it was. Working in conjunction with Metalwho run Café Valise, a pop up café/bar venue in Leigh Community Centre the evening of the 14th December saw the creation of a vintage ballroom filled with twinkling lights, candles and cool vintage jazz tunes. The girls and their guests were accompanied by the excellent Ted Beament on grand piano, Alan Clark on drums, Roger Curphy on double bass as well as the indomitable Digby Fairweather and his cornet and Ashton Moore on sax.

The night was a complete success with a sell out crowd of 250 people attending and many having to be turned away from the door on the night. Jazz is normally played in small intimate gigs, but these girls are bringing it to the masses which is something to be applauded and something we are very pleased to be part of. Watch this space for news of Jam Jar Jazz events in 2013.

3 female jazz singers