Connecting your Ruark to the Latest Smart Devices

We know how busy 21st century living is, and sometimes it’s easier to ask your voice assistant to do all the hard work; like putting on your favourite song or making your reservation at that hot new restaurant in town. We’ve now made it even easier for you to relax after a hard day’s work with our voice assistant set up guide.

We’ve had a lot of questions lately about our product range, and whether they can be connected to the Amazon Dot, Echo or Google Home voice assistants. And the answer is yes, you can easily transform any Ruark product into a voice-assisted, connected device in the following ways;


Connecting Ruark Products to Voice Assistants

For any of our legacy products that are not Bluetooth enabled it’s simply a matter of connecting a cable from your voice assistant into the auxiliary input or line in, located on the back of your Ruark product. Select ‘AUX’ as the source on your Ruark, then ask you voice assistant to play your favourite song. You will need to purchase the cable separately and depending on which input you choose, you will need either a 3.5mm stereo jack to jack or a 3.5mm jack to phono.

Connecting Bluetooth Enabled Products to Voice Assistants

For those that own one of our Bluetooth enabled audio devices, connecting an Amazon Dot or Echo is easy. Simply select the Bluetooth source on your Ruark product, open the Alexa app and select ‘settings’. Then find the device you wish to connect and select, ‘pair with device’. Your voice assistant will then connect to the Bluetooth speaker and notify you when paired successfully.

So there you have it, it couldn’t be easier to connect your Ruark Audio product to your home network and explore the joys of voice activation with a little help from the Amazon Echo, Dot and Google Home.

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