Build your own Turntable

With the re-surging interest in vinyl records, we are often asked if it is possible to connect turntables to our models and we’re pleased to report that you can through the switchable line inputs. 

In this digital age many people would consider that vinyl is a technology of the past, but like making a cup of tea, the process of putting a record on a turntable and then lining up the arm to play your favourite album or track has a comforting feel about it and more often than not we guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how good vinyl still sounds.

On this matter, we were intrigued when we discovered this video from a chap who has built a record player out of Lego! We’re not suggesting that our customers should go to such extremes to play their vinyl collections as there are some affordable and great sounding turntables already out there, but we think you’ll agree that this chap deserves 10/10 for his clever design and patience in putting it all together…