What is Google Cast?

This answer applies to:

  • R410
  • R810

Google Cast is to Google and Android devices what AirPlay 2 is to Apple and is a wireless technology that lets you stream music over Wi-Fi from your phone, tablet or laptop to R410. Google Cast allows you to stream music directly from a multitude of applications such as Amazon Music and BBC Sounds with better than CD quality sound. Combine R410 with other Google Cast speakers and you can create an easy to manage multiroom system, allowing you to play the same song on multiple speakers at the same time, or different songs on different speakers in different rooms, using the Google Home app to control the playback and volume of each unit. With a Google smart speaker or display you can even control playback with your voice. Setting up such a system means you need to learn and understand the Google Home app, but once done you can simply say “Hey Google, play me BBC Radio 3 on R410” and the system will respond and play as instructed.

For further information, see our article How to Connect Your Speakers With Google Cast.

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