Does R410 play CDs?

This answer applies to:

  • R410

R410 does not have a CD player built in, but if you want to play CDs this is easy to do, simply by connecting a USB CD drive to the USB-C socket on the rear of R410. When connected, R410 automatically adds CD to its list of sources and then using R410s RotoDial you can control CD playback just as you would a built-in player, with functions such as play/pause, skip, shuffle and repeat all available.

Most PC compatible USB CD drives will work with R410, but the two we currently recommend are listed below. The first is a good quality but affordable slot loading drive and the second a top end drive in a machined alloy case with damping to control resonance etc. Use your favoured search engine to find out more about each.


HiFi Rose RSA780 CD

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