R7 AV Mount

Our new R7 AV Mount, transforms R7 from a classic music system into a complete home entertainment solution! Designed exclusively for R7, TVs and associated equipment can be integrated so they seemingly ‘float’ above and below the cabinet of R7, keeping its elegant design intact.

Precision engineered in the UK, the R7 AV Mount will comfortably accommodate televisions* up to 50" and with its swivel head, TVs can be turned and positioned to suit viewing requirements. Likewise the tempered glass shelf can also be adjusted to suit the height of most DVD and Satellite/Cable box combinations.

From feedback we know that there are many customers would love to own R7 but not everyone has the space to accommodate it as a music system alone! The R7 AV Mount resolves this situation and the end result is a striking audio/video system that will be the centre piece for all your home entertainment needs, providing sound quality that will make music, television and films all the more enjoyable.

*AV mount is compatible with VESA compliant televisions, non VESA compliant televisions may require an additional third party adapter, please check with your television manufacturer for more information.

click and drag TV to swivel

R7 Audio Visual Mount shelf R7 Audio Visual Mount shelf

adjustable tempered glass shelf

R7 Audio Visual Mount

comfortably accommodate televisions up to 50"

Rear view of R7 Audio Visual Mount

precision engineered in the UK

R7 Awarded ‘Home Audio Product of the Year’
by Trusted Reviews

“The Ruark R7 Mk2 is a beautiful, wonderful-sounding all-in-one solution, and the fact that you can turn it into a TV stand and pump your TV’s audio through it broadens its appeal enormously. There really isn’t anything else quite like the R7.” ★★★★★

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