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Music System, R2 MK3 reviews and testimonials: Ruark Audio

media reviews*

“All in one audio box with divine dynamics and a raft of streaming features, this third-gen device delivers design to make the furniture jealous and quality to have the Hi-Fi quivering.”

Stuff Magazine

“It’s a very smart product, but to believe it you really need to hear it.”

The Independent

“Whether playing a solo instrumental recording or orchestral pieces, the R2 MK3 never lost its ability to surprise and entertain. This really is quite a magical little system.”

Gramophone Magazine

“Very smartly built and well thought-out, the true glory here is sound that needs no special pleading on grounds of convenience – full bodied, neutral and detailed.”

Best Buy – Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

“The sheer amount of options is staggering, you'd be hard pushed to find a more versatile tabletop speaker.”

I Create Magazine

“Sound quality is top notch too and equally balanced for almost all genres of music.”

The Gadget Show

“It does DAB, FM, Bluetooth and Spotify, and you control it with a reassuringly old-school tuner. Is this the only radio you'll ever need?”

Mail on Sunday

“Ruark Audio has built quite a reputation for fine sounding, refined looking machines in a relatively short space of time. The latest R2 is no exception.”

Best Buy – Classic FM Magazine

“Ruark Audio makes some of the best-sounding, best-looking tabletop stereos around. This is the improved version of the splendid R2, with great tone and rich deep sound.”

Best Buy – Time Out Magazine

“With a cabinet handcrafted from compressed wood fibre (therefore possessing excellent acoustic properties), the R2 is blessed with twin high-fidelity drive units, class-leading electronics, 3D sound processing and variable EQ, all working to deliver truly stunning sound.”

Smart Life Magazine

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customer testimonials*

“What sold me on the Ruark were the specs on the speakers and the elegant design, as well as Ruark’s expertise in speakers generally. While the R2 was the most expensive of the models I considered, it appears exactly the right choice”

Richard Covington – Poissy, France

“Only just received it, but build and sound above anything I have come across. Excellent value for money!”

Neal Sebastian, Middlesex

“Absolutely great. Wow - what sound quality, worth every penny - an investment.”

Mr. Middleditch, Sudbury, Suffolk

“The only thing I asked for for my 40th birthday was my R2. I am so pleased to own such a beautiful ‘piece’.”

Naomi Martell, Bucks

“The sound quality of the R2 is in a different league to the other DAB's I've heard.”

S Mackay, Swindon

“Just great products – keep up the good work”

Dave English – Middlesborough

“I still can't believe that all that sound comes out of such a small box! What a gloriously rich, full and well balanced sound. A true masterpiece of design, beautifully retro yet so utterly modern in sound and features… You guys rock!”

Mark Neville, Glamorgan

“Not had any such product previously and therefore have nothing to compare it against, but the sound quality is really impresive as is the appearance, really pleased I bought the R2i.”

Stuart Rainbow, Merseyside

“Looks fantastic. Minimalistic. Sounds Superb - Thanks.”

Steve Crane, Sutton Coldfield

“Great product. Bought it for the wife's birthday, she is very impressed. Great sound and depth as well. Have to buy an R1 for the workshop now.”

Mike Allton, Hertfordshire

“Great Sound, superb design - found what I've been looking for at last. Love it.”

Charles Phelps-Penry, Surrey

“I have wanted this for a while, as I have had postivie feedback from online reviews. As this was quite a large purchase I had wanted the sound not to be great, then I wouldn't purchase it. As I'm registering my product, you can guess what I thought of the sound. A well designed and loved stereo!”

Gavin Macpherson, Norwich

“I love my New R2! It has kept me sane, and I am impressed by the sound quality and its flexibility/connectivity.”

Mark Symons – Perth, Australia

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