Special Projects

From collaborations with exquisite furniture makers to our own limited edition models, from time to time we produce products that are unique and extraordinary.

LINLEY Amplis Audio System

Linley × Ruark

An exclusive collaboration between ourselves and world renowned furniture maker LINLEY.

Ruark R1 Mk4 Beach Hut Blue

R1 Beach Hut Blue

A summer themed limited edition of our R1 Mk4 Bluetooth Radio.

Craftsman working on R5 MiE cabinet

Made in England project

Showcasing English craftsmanship at its best, our Made in England (MiE) project brings an unrivalled level of finish to our designs.

Ruark R5 Mie

R5 MiE

R5 MiE in Smoked Grey Alpi was the first in our Made in England project. Made in limited batches and assembled in England, each R5 MiE is unique and highly collectable.