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Ruark Sounds Playlists

For some people the rhythm of the day is determined by things like the weather, the news, the traffic or the strength of their coffee. Others choose their own rhythm and music sets the tone. Find the perfect Ruark Sounds playlist to set the tone for your day.

Watergate Bay’s Swim Club Playlist

Compiled by Watergate Bay Hotel

Das preisgekrönte Hotel Watergate Bay hat einige Titel für die Playlist seines Schwimmclubs zusammengestellt.

World Bicycle Day

Compiled by Ruark

A playlist to celebrate World Bicycle Day this June.

Lazydays Festival 2024

Compiled by Ruark

We’re sponsoring Lazydays 2024 so we’ve put a playlist together inspired by the lineup.

R810 Playlist

Compiled by Ruark

Music to make your R810 (and anything else) sing.

2023 Winter Warmers Playlist

Compiled by Ruark

A selection of tracks to curl up on the sofa in front of the fire with.

Leigh Folk Festival

Compiled by Ruark & Leigh Folk Festival

A collaborative playlist with Leigh Folk Festival.

Pirate Radio

Compiled by Ruark Audio

From the dawn of Radio Caroline, to the tower blocks of London via the streets of New York, we take a look back at the music of Pirate Radio.

For the Love of Vinyl

Compiled by Ruark Audio

Our Ed took a little dive into his record collection to celebrate our love of vinyl.

Work From Home Playlist

Compiled by Ruark Audio

A collection of great music that’s not going to stop the work flow.

Party Time!

Compiled by Ruark Audio

As its that time of year, we thought we’d put together a playlist of uplifting tracks to help get you through the festive period.

The R2 Mk4 Playlist

Compiled by Ruark Audio

Taking you through the day with the R2 Mk4, one of life’s essentials.

Five Minutes With Shaun Keaveny

Compiled by Shaun Keaveny

We sat down with the nation’s favourite radio DJ to have a quick chat, he also made us a playlist.

Summer Outside

Compiled by Ruark Audio

A playlist inspired by outdoor living in the summer sunshine.

Ruark × Koto ‘Relax’ Playlist

Compiled by Ruark Audio

A playlist insipred by Koto Designs.

The Jazz Playlist

Compiled by Ruark Audio

This month we've taken inspiration from the Cheltenham Jazz Festival!

World Poetry Day 2022

Compiled by Ruark Audio

We've compiled our favourite tracks in honor of World Poetry Day 2022. 

The Six Nations Playlist

Compiled by Ruark Audio

This month we’re taking influence from Ruark’s love of the game of rugby and exploring some of the music from the Six Nations which is currently being contested.

The Uplifting Playlist

Compiled by Ruark Audio

Time to beat those winter blues with January’s ‘Uplifting Playlist’.

Ruark’s Alternative Christmas

Compiled by Ruark Audio

For the festive season, we have curated a playlist full of some of the lesser-known Christmas songs available.

Music from around the globe

Compiled by Ruark Audio

To celebrate UNESCO International Music Day 2021 we’ve compiled music from around the globe.

The Best of Modern British Playlists

Compiled by Ruark Audio

The celebrate our R5 Made in England Project we have compiled the best of modern British playlists.

The Drummers List

Compiled by Ruark Audio

A playlist to celebrate the life of Charlie Watts and all the other drummers out there.

DJ Yoda Guest Playlist

Compiled by DJ Yoda

Guest playlist curated by Duncan Beiny, better known as DJ Yoda, a hip hop turntablist who uses samples to create an animated musical style.

Beach Hut Blue Playlist

Compiled by Ruark Audio

A playlist to celebrate the launch of our limited edition R1 Mk4 in Beach Hut Blue.

Vinyl Izzy’s June Playlist

Compiled by Vinyl Izzy

This month we asked one of our customers to curate a playlist for us. Vinyl Izzy is an avid vinyl collector from Bristol and a huge fan of Britpop, Indie and Rock so expect plenty of this in her playlist. More of Vinyl Izzy’s extensive vinyl collection can be found on her Instagram page @vinyl_izzy_

The Easing of Restrictions Playlist

Compiled by Ruark Audio

To celebrate being able to see family and friends again, we thought we’d put together a little playlist.

22a Playlist

Compiled by Ed ‘Tenderlonious’ Cawthorne

Guest playlist curated by Ed ‘Tenderlonious’ Cawthorne, label boss of 22a –

Café Culture

Compiled by Ruark Audio

A playlist to celebrate our new R1 Mk4. Sit back with your favourite brew and enjoy…

Acoustic Playlist

Compiled by Ruark Audio

Relax and unwind to some of the team’s favourite acoustic tracks.

Watergate Bay’s Swim Club Playlist

Compiled by Watergate Bay Hotel

Award-winning hotel Watergate Bay put together some tracks for their swim club playlist.