Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect technology allows users with a Spotify Premium Account to wirelessly play their music through Spotify Connect compatible devices. This feature works by using your WiFi network to connect your tablet, smartphone or computer to your compatible Spotify Connect speakers.

Spotify Connect is a very simple piece of technology to use. All you need is a Spotify Premium account, Spotify Connect compatible speakers, a tablet, smartphone or computer and a WiFi network. Once you have all this simply open Spotify, select the Spotify Connect icon (small speaker), select your Spotify Connect speakers and that’s it your listening to your music.

But it doesn’t stop there, the Spotify Connect feature allows for you to control the music playing through your device from the app itself, allowing you to adjust the volume, skip track, pause and play. You can even continue using Spotify Connect when your tablet/smartphone is turned off, this saving on battery on your device.

So if you have a Spotify Premium account then a Spotify Connect compatible speaker system will allow you unlock all of your favourite Spotify tracks with ease.