Depending on the system you choose, you’ll be able to play different music in different rooms at the same time, or the same music in all rooms, or just a couple simultaneously.

Option 1: If you’re looking to add sound from your main system to just another room then the simplest and most reliable method is to run a suitable cable from the line output on the main system to the line input on the secondary system. Our R4 and MR1 models are ideal for this. Running and hiding a cable may be a slight inconvenience, but it is by far the most reliable solution and will ensure both systems play in absolute synchronisation with optimum sound quality without the need of a wireless network.

Option 2: Our R7 Mk3, R2 Mk3, MRx and R5 models have wireless multi-room capability built in, so as an example you could use R7 as your main system and then wirelessly stream music to one or more R2 Mk3’s, MRx’s or R5’s around your home. All sources on R7 Mk3 are multi-room compatible, so whether you are listening to CD, Spotify or even a turntable, the music you are playing will be reproduced in synchronisation on the multi-room models you select. If R7 is too large for you to accommodate then you can also use multiple R2’s, MRx’s or R5’s.

This type of system also allows the multi-room mode to be customised as needed allowing music to be streamed independently to each unit, so individual listening tastes can be catered for. Not needing cables is a major bonus for many customers, but please bear in mind that for this type of system to work correctly you should ensure that you have good wi-fi coverage all over your home and that your internet connection speed is good or else reliability of the system will be compromised.

Option 3: If you use your Smartphone or Tablet as the main source for your music playback with services such as Spotify, then there are now quite a few auxiliary devices which will allow you to use your wi-fi network and stream your music wirelessly and in sync to multiple devices such as our R1, R4 and MR1. At the moment Googles Chromecast Audio is great value for money and also Amazon’s Dot and Echo now have multi-room capability. All these devices are easy to use and the fact that they are ancillary devices means that should technology change then you can easily update accordingly.