Internet Radio

Internet radio allows you access to thousands of radio stations from all over the world as well as national stations that may be out of range with normal DAB or FM broadcasting. For instance if you come from Scotland and now live in London, with internet radio you will have access to radio stations from back home. Likewise if you emigrate to a new country, Internet radio will allow you to keep up to date with news and listen to your favourite stations from wherever you may be.

Our R2 and R7 models have an internet tuner built in so you can access Internet Radio services directly, but for our other models it is very easy to play internet radio by using a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer with an appropriate App or webpage loaded and then stream to these models via their Bluetooth facility. Two of the most popular services for this are BBC iPlayer Radio and TuneIn Radio. The BBC application concentrates on live and listen again shows and TuneIn provides access to radio shows world-wide.

Most importantly for reliable playback of Internet Radio you should be sure that you have a good wireless router that provides good coverage and also a good network speed. Poor coverage and network speed will result in unreliable stuttering playback.