DAB Digital Radio

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and across Europe and other parts of the world is becoming the successor to AM and FM analogue radio. Like analogue radio, DAB is a broadcast medium and is transmitted via broadcast towers placed strategically across the country offering listeners digital sound quality, more stations and allows for additional broadcast information to be displayed.

One of the major benefits of DAB is that like digital TV it is able to provide listeners with a far greater choice of stations than that available on analogue radio. Providing your reception is good, listeners’ in some areas of the UK are able to receive up to 100 stations offering programmes to sort all tastes and styles.

This digital station availability is due to improve even more with the proposed launch of DAB+ or D2 as its being called in the UK. The launch of D2 in the UK will mean that even more digital stations are available to UK listeners providing they have a DAB+ compatible digital radio. All Ruark Audio products contain DAB+ tuners so once the launch of D2 in the UK occurs our products will have no problems picking up these extra digital stations.

DAB radios are far easier to operate that conventional analogue radios. DAB radios allow users to tune to their desired station with the touch of a button rather than having to fine tune to the station, this a requirement of analogue radios. DAB radios allow listeners’ to simply scroll through the list of available digital stations and then select the station, it really is as simple as that.

Digital radio signal is constantly improving and with the launch of D2 digital radio is set to offers listeners’ even more listening options in the future. Couple that with ease of use and digital sound quality there has never been a better time to upgrade to a DAB radio.