Bluetooth is a device to device wireless connection system and its ease of use has made it the most popular method for wireless audio streaming. Unlike Wi-Fi streaming where manufacturers often use their own proprietary technology, Bluetooth is universal and works with all products and music applications including Spotify, Apple Music and BBC iPlayer Radio to name just a few.

We incorporate Bluetooth into our products as it allows users to connect Bluetooth compatible devices and play their music without the need for connecting any cables, so you can play music from the comfort of your chair or wherever you may be. Bluetooth range varies but generally it is between 10-15m line of sight, but walls and obstructions may reduce this slightly.

Many of our products are fitted with Bluetooth receivers which feature an additional technology called aptX. aptX partners with Bluetooth so you can stream music directly from compatible devices with CD quality sound. Many new Smartphones and Tablets now have aptX technology built in, but with or without, sound quality over Bluetooth with our products is superb.