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Why can’t I listen to some stations shown on my display?

This answer applies to R1 Mk3 R1 Mk2 R2 Mk3 R2i Mk2 R4 Mk3 R4i Mk2 R5 Mk1 R7 Mk1 / Mk2 R7 Mk3

When first turned on from new our products will perform a scan of the airwaves searching for DAB/DAB+ transmissions near and afar. It is important during this scan that your unit is not touched and that the aerial is properly attached and fully extended. Stations from nearby transmitters should play without interference, but on transmitters which are further away, playback may burble or be muted due to the weaker signal. Time of day, weather conditions and type of building construction also have an effect on the reception quality of weak stations, but if ‘Signal N/A’ is displayed, then this shows that the signal is too weak for reliable playback.

Stations that are too weak to be played will usually have a ? next to them in the station list. These stations can be deleted from the list by using the ‘prune’ function which you will find if you press the Menu button on your radio. This will then leave you with a list of stations that you should reliably be able to receive.

As always installing a dedicated external aerial will ensure the best reception results.

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