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My R4i remote control is not working! What can I do?

This answer applies to R4i Mk2

If the batteries are new, then please check that you have inserted the batteries correctly. Markings inside the battery wells show how the batteries should be inserted and please note that the spring does not indicate a negative connection. With batteries inserted correctly the ring around the volume control should light blue whenever a function is selected. If this does not happen then please check again to ensure that the batteries are seated correctly. To help further, we also have short tutorial video.

If the blue ring is lighting, but you are still not getting communication between the remote and R4, then please contact us so we can help to troubleshoot. Also depending on age it may be that the batteries in the remote are coming to the end of their useable life. Under normal conditions batteries should last 12-18 months. For R4i the batteries are type AAAA batteries. These specialist batteries are not available from supermarkets but can be purchased through electronic stores such as Maplin and also online. You can also purchase directly from our online shop or by calling us on 01702 601410.

Finally, if you are using your R4i near artificial lighting (particularly low energy types), then please try turning these off and check the remote function again. From experience we’ve found that some low energy lights emit interference which affects the control system of R4i, resulting in unresponsive or erratic behaviour.

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