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How do I connect by Bluetooth to my Ruark?

This answer applies to R2 Mk3 R4 Mk3 R5 Mk1 R7 Mk1 / Mk2 R7 Mk3

To connect or pair your Smartphone or other Bluetooth devices firstly you must select Bluetooth as the source. From new your Ruark will automatically enter pairing mode after a few seconds and then display ‘Awaiting connection…’. At this point you should enter the Bluetooth settings on your Smartphone or device you want to connect and again after a few seconds you should see your Ruark model name displayed as a device you can connect to. Once selected, the pairing procedure can take a few moments, but once paired you should see ‘Connected’ appear alongside your Ruark model name on your device and also you should see your Smartphones name, displayed on the screen of your Ruark.

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