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How do I connect a TV to your products?

This answer applies to R2 Mk3 R2i Mk2 R4 Mk3 R4i Mk2 R7 Mk1 R7 Mk3

R2i, R4i and R2 Mk3 make a great companion to most flat panel TVs and their sound provides a huge sonic improvement over the tiny speakers usually found in these devices.

To connect to these models you need to ensure that your TV has a headphone or analogue audio output. Most do and with a suitable lead you should be able to run the sound of your TV to the auxiliary inputs on the rear of these models. The only possible complication is that some TV’s have a high audio output and this may cause distortion on the input. If this does happen, we can supply leads with built in attenuation. If required please contact us directly.

For R4 Mk3 and R7 most modern TVs now have an optical output and so with a suitable lead you can easily connect using the optical input on these models. For TVs without an optical output, please refer to the connection method above.

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