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Error message ‘Failed to obtain IP address from DCHP - Limited or no connectivity’

This answer applies to R2 Mk3 R5 Mk1 R7 Mk3

All devices on your home network are assigned a unique IP address by your DHCP server (for most people this is their Wi-Fi router), but if your Ruark takes longer than usual to connect to your network and you then see the error message “Failed to obtain IP address from DCHP - Limited or no connectivity” on the display then this shows that it has failed to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. In this instance your Ruark will then assign its own IP address which will often not make sense or clash with another device on your network. This will result in a scenario where the product is connected to the network but cannot connect to the internet because it’s improperly addressed, hence “limited or no connectivity”. In this instance, please try the following:

  • Perform a factory reset on your product as this will ensure that all anomalous details of the network are cleared (details on how to do this are shown elsewhere in our Q&As).
  • Turn your router off at the plug, wait a while and then turn it back on. Although other devices on your network are fine, it could be that they were assigned IP addresses prior to a problem with the DHCP.
  • Make sure that you can connect to the internet using a phone or computer.
  • Turn on and repeat the Setup procedure on your Ruark.

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