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What Apps do you recommend to stream to R7 (Mk1/2) via DLNA?

This answer applies to R7 Mk1

There are now many different apps available for Apple and Android devices which allow you to select and stream music using your home network. Simply search ‘DLNA Music Player’ and you will find numerous solutions, but we suggest that you experiment with a free version first, until you find one you like best.

All the apps work in a similar way and allow you to select music from a media source such as your Smartphone or a computer or NAS drive connected to your home network and then allow you to ‘push’ this content to R7. Using this method you will see DMR mode (Digital Media Renderer) displayed on R7’s display. To allow access to this source it is important that either ‘Media Player’ or ‘Internet Radio’ are selected and playing as a source, so R7 is connected to your home network. Once this is done, DMR will override these functions and you will be able to use R7 as your rendering/playback device. Please note that DMR mode is not available as a source using R7’s remote control, it is only seen when using R7 as a Digital Media Renderer. Please contact us should you have any questions on this matter.

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