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Can I wirelessly stream music to R1 Mk3?

This answer applies to R1 Mk3

R1 Mk3 has a high quality Bluetooth receiver built in, so you can wirelessly stream your music, internet radio and other services such as Spotify and Apple Music to R1. The majority of Smartphone’s and computers now have Bluetooth transmitters built in and it is simply a case of putting R1 into pairing mode and then selecting R1 as your playback device. How to do this is explained in more details elsewhere in our Q&A’s.

The second and slightly more complex option is to use an auxiliary device such as Chromecast Audio which will connect to the line-in input on R1. These devices connect to your home network and allow music to be streamed to R1 in a variety of different ways. With more than one unit they also allow for music to be played simultaneously from multiple devices creating an easy to manage multi-room system.

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