R4 Integrated Music System

Musically engineered for 21st century living

On looks alone, R4 is desirable, but listen and this emotion grows stronger because R4 produces a quality of sound that you simply will not expect from such a compact design. Intuitive to use and with no wires other than a power lead to worry about, simply plug in and within minutes you’ll have room-filling sound that will satisfy even the most discerning listener.

It did everything I asked of it and a bit more. By the end of my review period I had fallen in love with it and so had my wife.


The treble, mid and bass frequencies are sumptuously separated, delivering an overall sound that you might expect from a ‘proper’ separates system.

BBC Music
R4 Multi-Format CD Player

Multi-Format CD Player

For music and audio enthusiasts, CD is still one of the best ways to experience quality music and R4 features a multi-format player that will make your CD collection sound better than ever. Besides standard CDs, R4 also plays CD-Rs encoded with WAV, MP3, AAC or WMA music files and also displays track and artist information when this data is available on the disc.

R4 Class A-B amplifier

Audiophile Electronics

The electronic design of R4 is far removed from the mainstream of compact systems available today where integrated modules are used for simplicity of design and cost. With best sound quality in mind we developed our own discrete technology Class A-B amplifier system and use select audio grade components in critical signal paths. This method is usually only found in high-fidelity audio separates.

Great Connectivity

Voice controlled devices from the likes of Amazon and Google are interesting technologies, but deciding which may be right for you and which will stand the test of time can be daunting. This is a key reason why all our products incorporate Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs, so devices such as these can easily be connected and enjoyed with our products class leading sound. Also when technology changes (which it is bound to) then it is easy for you to upgrade as required.

High Quality Radio Tuners

R4 features a quality DAB/FM tuner and with DAB+ also included, it can be used in countries such as Australia, Denmark, France, Germany and Norway where this updated system is now being used. DAB+ also ensures that R4 is future-ready for new emerging digital markets and also for the roll out of DAB+ in the UK which is happening now

Bluetooth Bliss

R4 features aptX technology which partners with Bluetooth so you can stream music directly from compatible devices to R4 with CD quality sound from a distance of up to 10 metres. Bluetooth’s ease of use has made it the foremost method for wireless audio streaming and it works with virtually all leading music Apps including Spotify, Apple Music and BBC iPlayer Radio. Most importantly sound quality over Bluetooth with R4 is outstanding.

Connect, Playback and Charge

R4 has great connectivity allowing auxiliary devices such as a turntable, Amazon Dot, Google Chromecast or Apple AirPort Express to be easily connected. Also featured is a multi-purpose USB socket which allows you to charge smartphones and also playback music stored on a memory stick or portable hard drive in a variety of popular audio codecs. In particular R4 makes a superb TV sound system, with its optical digital input providing a convenient connection point for most modern TVs.

Stylish and Intuitive Controls

In our opinion products covered with buttons look confusing and ugly, so our trademark RotoDial controller provides a truly stylish solution. Furthermore, with all of our models now mirroring this interface, whichever model you own, you will intuitively know how to use each without instruction. In addition, R4’s custom remote control allows all major functions to be operated without moving from the comfort of your chair.

Bedroom Bliss

Perhaps slightly too big for your average bedside table, but on a chest of drawers R4 will make any bedroom sound better. With the supplied remote control you can operate R4 from the comfort of your bed and with programmable dual alarms you’ll be able to wake or doze exactly as you want. Connect your bedroom TV to R4 and you’ll have a blissful audio/visual retreat.

Clearly Brilliant

With the latest technology Organic LED (OLED) display, programme and menu information are shown on R4 with vivid clarity. The display retains its high contrast at any viewing angle and the display brightness can be adjusted to suit your requirements, both in standby mode and when active.

Beautiful Sound Design

With 30+ years of experience designing high-fidelity audio systems we understand the importance of cabinet and drive unit design to create beautiful natural sound. Like every model in our range R4 is crafted from materials chosen for their exceptional acoustic properties and our drive units constructed for optimum dynamics and frequency response.


  • Sound
    • Class leading sound quality
    • 3D enhanced stereo sound
    • 80 Watts nominal power output
    • Integrated active subwoofer
    • Adjustable treble and bass settings
  • CD Player
    • Slot loading CD player plays CD-Audio, MP3, AAC and WMA music disks
    • Text support on CD and USB playback
  • Tuner
    • DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS
  • Bluetooth
    • Built in Bluetooth with aptX for CD quality sound with compatible devices
  • Connectivity
    • Combined USB playback and charge port (5V 1.0A) for charging smartphones etc. Codec’s supported include MP3, AAC and WMA
    • Digital optical TOSLINK input
    • Fixed level audio output
    • Two switchable line inputs
    • Stereo headphone output
  • Status and functions
    • Multi coloured LED shows status and function
    • Auto Standby function
  • Controls
    • Intuitive ‘click to select’ RotoDial control system
    • Compact remote control included
  • Display
    • High contrast OLED character display
  • Alarm
    • Easy-to-use programable dual alarm with once, daily, weekday and weekend settings
    • Adjustable alarm volume
    • Adjustable snooze and sleep timers
  • Standard finishes
    • Rich Walnut veneer
    • Soft White lacquer
    • Soft Black lacquer
  • Mains Power Requirement
    • 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz 1.5A Max
  • Dimensions
    • H140 × W440 × D250mm
  • Weight
    • 7kg
  • Price
    • £699.99 (SRP UK)

Reviews for R4

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There is much to like about the Ruark R4 Mk3. It’s a good looking and talented device, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

What Hi-Fi

Just bought this, the sound is unbelievable, even at low volume, it’s a fantastic piece of kit. You get what you pay for.

Amazon Customer

The sound quality is excellent. Set up was very quick and easy and looks stunning. We’ve connected a turntable which was also very easy & sounds great.

John Lewis Customer

Pleased with the R4 Mk3. It looks good in my dining room and sounds marvellous!

Sylvia Quarry

In summary, I’d buy one at this price point, for the kitchen, for the garden, for everyday and for everywhere.

HiFi and Music Source

If you’re after a high end audio player solution for all your musical needs, you should look no further than the R4 Mk3. It’s beautiful, sounds great and will stand the test of time; at least until the Mk4 is released.


This is a quality compact and very stylish audio system. The sound reproduction is very impressive.

John Lewis Customer

I have had the R4 for a matter of days, and I can’t believe the amazing sound it puts out. It replaces a large stack system which I had for 18 years or so. The R4’s sound has a clarity I never found on a mid to high-end stack hi-fi.

Anne Bamber

It is a thing of beauty that sits proudly in my living room! Love the sound and was just what I was looking for - CD/DAB/Bluetooth. Perfect.

Paul Cooper

With luxury build quality, simple operation and sparkling sound quality the Ruark R4 Mk3/R4-30 is a top-drawer all-in-one music player.

Trusted Reviews

With a potent mix of features, style and substance, the R4 is well worth its premium.


The sound quality is just superb: I listen to all sorts of music: jazz; classical and reggae and being able to make adjustments to the sound levels improves the listening pleasure. This is my kitchen player and radio and is 100% perfect. Thank you.

Lesley O’Connor

The aural detail is excellent without being overly harsh, making vocals especially stand out beautifully. And the detail is maintained even when you push more low-end, bass-heavy music through the cabinet too.

Tech Radar

It was even better than I expected.

Michael Patmore

The product is superb in every respect and everything that I hoped it would be.

David Day
Sutton Coldfield

A good, well designed product with excellent sound quality.

John Lewis Customer

I purchased the R4 with walnut casing and it is STUNNING! Such awesome design! Brilliant sound pumps through my house. I love it.

Laura Frederick

Ruark Audio’s ‘R4’ music system is compact – just 45cm wide – but has the sound quality of a much bigger beast.

Elle Decoration

Ruark has evolved the design into a clever and capable all in one system. For fuss free listening it makes an awful lot of sense.

HiFi Choice

Just love it - and has all the features I wanted. The whole family think its brilliant! Real quality.

James Lightfoot

While sound enhances a room, ungainly music systems do not. Sleek technology such as this can be both seen and heard.

Homes and Garden Magazine

The treble, mid and bass frequencies are sumptuously separated, delivering an overall sound that you might expect from a ‘proper’ separates system.

BBC Music

Looks and sounds the business. Great features and versatility.

John Lewis Customer

I was looking for a good sound quality Radio / CD Player for my new kitchen worktop. I went into my local Nottingham store with a couple of my CDs and the sound quality just blew me away.

John Lewis Customer

Love the look the sound and the quality of my Ruark R4, had wanted to buy it for some time and delighted that I did!

John Lewis Customer

Its audio is both powerful and full of bass simultaneously, while still being able to pick out the subtle noises included in most acoustic tracks.

Android Magazine

Product combines excellent quality and attractive styling. Very easy to set up and use.

Kenneth Madden

The development team at Ruark have thought of everything with this iteration of the Ruark R4 Mk3. It did everything I asked of it and a bit more. By the end of my review period I’d really fallen in love with it and so had my wife.


What a great piece of kit blown away by it! I have been waiting for something like this for years.

Amazon Customer

Absolutely thrilled with this item. Looks great and sounds superb.

Amazon Customer

Looks great; and easy to use and set up. Superb sound with real depth.

Amazon Customer

Very impressed with the features and superb sound quality - it also looks very good in appearance. Really incredible clarity and sound quality.

Mark Hobby


R4 in Rich Walnut Veneer finish

Rich Walnut Veneer

R4 in Soft White Lacquer finish

Soft White Lacquer

R4 in Soft Black Lacquer finish

Soft Black Lacquer