The Tempo Radio

LINLEY + Ruark

We are delighted to announce an exclusive collaboration between ourselves and world renowned furniture maker LINLEY. The result is the unique Tempo Bluetooth radio. Made and hand crafted in the UK, the Tempo combines exquisite LINLEY marquetry with our award-winning technology and sound, making it probably the most collectable and desirable radio available.

Available in Submarine, Monday, Norwegian, Beret, White Noise and Black Tie colourways, each features marquetry inlays composed from four different veneers. The cabinet has solid sycamore front and rear edges and a soft goatskin-clad front panel embossed with the LINLEY brand stamp. The eye catching design is inspired by audio soundwaves and the graphic scales of 20th century artists.

A petite but powerful addition to any bedside table, kitchen counter or bookshelf, the Tempo radio is a unique accessory that you will treasure and enjoy for years to come.

The Tempo radio is available exclusively from LINLEY, through their London showrooms and online.


  • DAB/DAB+ and FM radio
  • Large time displayed on brightness-adjustable OLED screen
  • High quality Bluetooth receiver, auxiliary input and headphone socket
  • USB charge port for charging compatible devices
  • Easy-to-use programable dual alarm with once, daily, weekday and weekend settings
  • Designed, engineered and assembled in the UK
The Tempo range in Submarine, Monday, Norwegian and Beret colourways
Tempo in Black Tie colourway
Tempo in Black Tie colourway
Tempo in White Noise colourway
Tempo in White Noise colourway

Background | LINLEY + Ruark

From an early age, David Linley’s creative ability was nurtured by his parents Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret who encouraged his passion for making things. This led to him becoming a highly skilled craftsman of wood and, in 1982, David started to design, make and sell bespoke fine furniture to private clients. His passion for excellence continues to be the driving force of the business, and today LINLEY has grown from private commissions to include fine gifts, interior design and bespoke fitted kitchens. Whether you are buying an oak doorstop or commissioning a dining table, the experience is personal from start to finish.

Likewise, Ruark is a passionate family-owned British company who have been creating fine audio products since 1986. Highly regarded by audio enthusiasts and critically acclaimed, the design team at Ruark work tirelessly to ensure their products sound as good as they look.

With both companies’ passion for design and quality, the LINLEY + Ruark collaboration is a perfect match, and one that we anticipate will bring further unique and highly desirable audio products in the future.