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Some of the music on my phone is not appearing in Ruark Link

This answer applies to Ruark Link App

Our internet-enabled products support playback of MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, FLAC, ALAC and WAV files stored on your device via the “Local Music” source. Other file formats are incompatible and will not appear in Ruark Link.

If some of your music files are not appearing in Ruark Link then they may be protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). This is a set of tools used by music distribution companies to protect copyrighted material.

Streaming services use DRM to prevent users from listening to their music from outside their streaming app. This means that, even if you have downloaded a song to your phone, it may not be accessible by Ruark Link. If you wish to listen to these tracks, you might want to try using another source, such as Bluetooth or Line-in.

Some music purchased from online stores may also have DRM protection applied to it. A notable example of this is iTunes, which historically prevented music from being played using non-Apple products. You might be able to download a DRM-free version of your iTunes music, which will be compatible with Ruark Link. Visit Apple Support to find out how.

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