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Playback of Internet music services is unreliable. What can I do?

This answer applies to R2 Mk3 R3 Mk1 MRx Mk1 R5 Mk1 R7 Mk1 / Mk2 R7 Mk3

Below are some guidelines which should help if you are having issues with playback of internet music services such as Spotify and Internet Radio.

1/ Signal strength is important! If playback through your network is unreliable then if possible open or install our Ruark LINK app. Once this is done then select your device on the LINK home screen and then tap the cog symbol at the top of the screen. This will show you the device settings and in particular you should take note of the signal strength. Anything above 50% should guarantee reliable communication and playback, but if the signal is below 50% you should consider relocating your Ruark device or else improving your wi-fi coverage with wi-fi extenders or a mesh network.

2/ It is important that you check that your router firmware is up to date! Some routers will update automatically, but many still need to be updated manually. Ensuring that your router has the latest firmware installed will often overcome communication and connection issues.

3/ Try turning your phone/tablet, router and products completely off and then turn each back on again starting with your router first (wait for it to fully initialise) followed by your phone/tablet and then finally your Ruark system. This reboot will often refresh, reconnect and resolve network issues.

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