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I can’t pair my R5 remote!

This answer applies to R5 Mk1

If you are having trouble pairing your R5 remote with your R5, please try the following instructions.

Remove the steel base from your remote and remove and reinsert the battery. With the steel base still removed position the remote so the rubber surround near the play/pause key touches the glass between the OLED display and CD slot and then keep the volume/select knob pressed down while moving the remote around a few millimetres. You may need to do this for at least 10 seconds before a connection is made. You should also try to keep your fingers away from the area near the play/pause button as that is where the antenna is located. Once connection is established you should see the indicator light on the remote light brightly and confirmation will also be shown on your R5 display.

Should you still not be able to connect your remote after following these instructions, please contact us directly for further help.

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