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Can I connect a turntable to your products?

This answer applies to R2 Mk3 R2i Mk2 R4 Mk3 R4i Mk2 MR1 Mk1 MR1 Mk2 R7 Mk1 / Mk2

Most turntables can be connected via the AUX/LINE IN inputs on the rear of our products but an RIAA phono preamp may be required to bring the small output of the cartridge up to a normal phono level. RIAA phono preamps are available through most good hi-fi shops or online. Simply type ‘phono preamp’ into your search engine and you should find plenty of choice at many different price levels. Some recent turntables (particularly those with USB connectivity) already have a phono preamp built in, so please check specifications carefully before purchase. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

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