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Can I adjust the brightness of my R1 Mk2 display in standby?

This answer applies to R1 Mk2

When first released we envisaged that our R1 Mk2 would primarily be used as a bedside radio, so we set the screen brightness to be low in standby, so it would not disturb sleep. As a running update we made changes, so customers could set the screen brightness in standby to high, medium or low. Later versions of R1 Mk2 were mainly manufactured with this option already installed, but for customers who have our R1 Mk2 without this feature we have instructions and software which you can download here. This update only gives the facility to adjust the backlight level of the R1 Mk2 in standby and does not update R1 Mk2 any other way. If you do not need this function then we suggest that you leave your R1 Mk2 as it is.

Please note that a computer running a 32bit version of Windows XP or Windows 7 will be required to install this update. 64 bit architectures or Mac OSX are not compatible.

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