Innovation Award for R7 High Fidelity Radiogram

A few months ago we were pleased to receive an invitation to attend an awards ceremony being held at the Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden, by leading trade title, ERT Magazine. ERT was established over a century ago and is the leading magazine for electrical retailers. Each issue is packed with industry news, market analysis and in-depth features on the issues being faced by our industry.

The event took place on the 14th October and was well attended and great fun, but we were taken completely by surprise when they announced our new R7 as the winner of their Product Innovation category. We always knew that in R7 we had a very special product, but for this to be acknowledged by our leading trade title is good news indeed and we anticipate that many more accolades will be heading our way for R7 during 2014. Watch this space…

Our customers are loving MR1 bluetooth speakers

The press response to our MR1 Bluetooth speakers has been fantastic, but we’re delighted to report that the feedback from our customers has been equally gushing. If you’re looking for the ideal multi-purpose compact speaker system we think that our MR1’s are the best available, but don’t take our word for it, check out some of our fantastic customer feedback below…

“I’m extremely impressed with the overall sound quality, plenty of bass and clarity. Thanks for these, I’ve been looking for a while now for good small speakers and you have delivered in superb style.”

Ian Bateson, Southampton

“I searched on google for the best laptop external speakers and the reviews convinced me to buy the MR1. I am not disappointed at all.”

John Ranger, Hampshire

“Amazing speakers, very impressed with them and I haven’t owned them 24 hours yet! Great work!”

Sam Phillips, Bath

“Just purchased these speakers to use with an iPad. I had read good things in the hi-fi press about Ruark products but was not quite prepared for the quite outstanding sound quality from such small enclosures - and over Bluetooth. Well pleased!”/i>

Robert Simpson, Nottingham

“Having owned Ruark speakers in the past I’ve been waiting for Bluetooth to be added to the R series as I wanted a clock radio to replace a Squeezebox Boom. I’ve listened to quite a number of BT speakers recently, however, the MR1s impressed me so much I bought them for use with my phone (Spotify, internet radio etc.). Very impressive, regardless of size.”

Martin George, Lincoln

“Just bought the MR1 and after a brief listen via the iPad I’m very impressed. Also bought your R1 radio earlier in the year - wonderful.”

Anthony Clegg, Cumbria

“Excellent in every respect”

Edmund Greenhalf, Worcestershire

“Absolutely great. Wow - what sound quality, worth every penny - an investment.”

Mr. Middleditch, Sudbury, Suffolk

“The MR1s came today and are everything I hoped for.”

Andy Underwood, London

“I bought the MR1s after good reviews and listening to them. Whilst waiting for them to arrive at the dealers I bought the R2i. I have not been disappointed.”

Roger Pearce, Bristol

“I am running these on my desktop via laptop, USB output, Arcam rDAC, Ruarks. Playing a Wav (uncompressed CD rip) of Beethoven’s violin concerto these sound absolutely brilliant. I’m astonished every time I play them. It’s like you’ve shrunk a big hi-fi system into two little boxes!”

David Hackett, London

“Own the R4 and had a ‘wow’ moment when I opened the box and saw the packaging. Great product and styling so I was pleased to read the What HiFi review of the MR1s which was exactly the kind of product I was wanting to purchase. Keep up the good work.”

Darren Tuzzio, Oxfordshire

“I purchased a set of MR1’s last week and they are superb. I have attached my record deck to them and have spent hours listening to my vinyl, the sound is amazing.”

Gary Beckford, Berkshire