How a Lost Dog Revealed the Kindness of the Human Heart


Anyone who read our news over the past couple of days will know that we were devastated because Archie our much loved office dog had gone missing on Sunday the 27th October whilst out on a walk with his owners Alan and Lorraine, our MD and his wife.

Come yesterday afternoon we were all totally on edge because he had now been missing over two days and through one of the worst storms we’ve known in years, but thankfully yesterday evening, we received a call from a couple saying that they had found him wandering alone in a local park. Alan and Lorraine went to the couples house in trepidation, but were over the moon to find him looking well and totally unfazed by the situation. Oh the joys of being a dog!

Where he went and what actually happened only Archie will ever know, but what we can’t get over is the overwhelming support and love we’ve been shown from people near and afar. Friends and strangers have been out scouring the area where he went missing and hundreds of posters were put up all over the town. On top of this the coverage of Archie going missing on Facebook and Twitter has been simply amazing with thousands of posts and retweets from people and celebrities, all over the country and even from abroad! For this we can’t thank everyone enough, as we are now convinced that on Sunday he was taken by some unscrupulous people for reasons unknown, but the sheer amount of publicity made him ‘too hot to handle’ and this is the reason why he was left in the park on his own, but thankfully found by the kind-hearted couple who took him home.

As we said earlier, only Archie will ever know the true story, but we are just delighted to have him back with us where he belongs.


Q Magazine call MR1 ‘the one to buy’

In a roundup of the latest active speakers, Q Magazine has chosen our MR1 Bluetooth speakers as ‘The One to Buy’!

They said “This pair of small, sleekly designed speakers sound brilliant and look like something that may pop out of a control board on Buck Rogers. They win in a game of chicken with Q’s eardrums and the riff- heavy bite of Artic Monkeys ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ has a roar when channelled through them… Quite stunning.”

Need we say more!