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What Is DAB+ and Why Are the Big Radio Stations Switching Over?

What do classical music lovers, moshers, and ravers all have in common?

Their favourite radio stations are switching over to (or will soon launch exclusively on) DAB+ – the latest digital radio technology.

Popular stations such as Kerrang! and Classic FM have already moved from DAB to DAB+ across the UK. More recently, the BBC has announced plans to unveil new DAB+ stations as extensions for BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, and BBC Radio 3.

So, why the switch to DAB+? While it uses the same transmitters and broadcast technology as DAB, the way it converts sound to digital is more efficient. This means the quality of the audio you hear is improved, the signal is less likely to cut out, and there’s more ‘room’ for stations – essentially, you’re getting access to better-sounding music, and more of it.

The benefits when switching from FM to DAB+ are even more pronounced. Digital radio gets rid of the noise interference you might experience when you’re outside of broadcasting areas, as well as allowing for improved metadata displayed on your radio or smart speaker’s screen.

With more stations switching over to DAB+, it’s a great time to upgrade your old radio to a higher-spec model. All Ruark products, bar the MR1 bookshelf speakers and RS1 subwoofer, are futureproofed with DAB+ support.

For those looking for simply stunning sound in a compact form, our R1 Bluetooth radio is a great choice – and with a limited edition Midnight Blue finish now available exclusively at John Lewis, you can tap into the season’s coolest colour palette while reaping all the benefits of DAB+.

For the full gamut of Internet radio, DAB+, DAB, FM, and music streaming in a compact package, the adorable R1S is your best bet. Need something with a little more sonic power? Our R2 Smart Music System delivers striking stereo sound in a stylish one-box design.

Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram

As for our new 100 Series? The R410 and R810 may look more like pieces of furniture than radios, but you’d better believe DAB+ support lies beneath their seventies-inspired exteriors. Add in comprehensive streaming options, a multitude of inputs and outputs, multiroom audio, and a hi-res colour display, and you have two beautiful music systems that truly do it all.