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What do Tree Rings Sound Like?

In one of our previous Journal articles, we wrote about a turntable which was beautifully crafted from the wood of a tree. This is indeed a fantastic design and looks great but surely this goes one better?

This fantastic piece of kit is not a turntable made of a tree but a turntable which can actually play the rings of a tree. Bartholomäus Traubeck has created equipment that translates tree rings into music by playing them on a turntable. It works not with a needle like a traditional turntable but with sensors which gather information about the wood’s colour and texture. Then using a complex algorithm the equipment translates the variations into piano notes. The variation between one tree and another results in an individualised tune. Bartholomäus has released an album, titled “Years,” which features spruce, ash, oak, maple, alder, walnut, and beech trees.

This is an impressive idea and we would definitely love to hear this running through one of our award-winning systems!