Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall

Just a stone’s throw from a sandy beach in the North of Cornwall lies Watergate Bay Hotel. Two miles of sand, cliffs and a constant surf break is the perfect way to describe the relaxed nature of the hotel and its atmosphere, in which they claim it’s all about ‘the balance in life’. Getting amongst the elements, eating and drinking well, being active, but most of all, having a good time.

The ideal change to your daily routine is waking up naturally to the smell of the fresh sea air and opening the curtains to beach views. Watergate Bay encourage their guests to get out in the natural environment, spend time with friends and family and try something new.

Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay’s ideal itinerary for an overnight stay: “We would recommend a balance between an active and relaxing stay. Arrive early and leave late, we can look after your luggage before you check-in. Get out onto the beach as soon as you arrive and take a walk to the North end of the sand or join the coastal path. Have lunch in The Beach Hut and choose between mussels or the extreme burger, before spending the afternoon in Swim Club, where you can take a dip in the pool, relax in the outdoor hot tub and sauna before enjoying a treatment and a few chapters of your favourite book in front of our ocean view.

Enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail in Watchful Mary as the sun drops below the horizon whilst listening to live music, and then divulge into a three-course dinner in Zacry’s. The following day wake to the sounds of the waves and head downstairs to the open pantry buffet breakfast with make-your-own waffles, ready to take on a surfing lesson with Extreme Academy. The qualified instructors will get you up and standing before the end of the two-hour lesson before it’s back to check out and enjoy a well-earned, lazy lunch in The Living Space while sharing stories with loved ones and planning your next trip to Watergate Bay.”

Zacry's Restaurant

For many, dogs are very much part of the family, and they are also welcome at Watergate Bay. The two mile beach is dog friendly all year round, and the hotel have two dog friendly restaurants and a selection of dog friendly bedrooms. They do however understand that not everyone wants to travel with dogs, so they have worked hard to create different spaces for different guests.


Music forms an integral part of a stay at Watergate Bay, and so they curate different soundtracks for the different spaces within the hotel. Each space is designed to be used differently for different groups of people at different times of the day. The ocean room in Swim Club has a different play list to The Living Space above it, which is also different to the playlist during breakfast in Zacry’s. Soundtracks can be very powerful and when used in the right way can help guests to relax, either during a treatment, reading a book in front of the ocean view or sharing dinner with friends.

Sound is much a part of the experience as any of our other senses. So much so that they dedicate a whole section to it in the Watergate Bay Magazine. They don’t just concentrate on music to enhance their hotel, they also connect with ambient sounds.

You can listen to one of Watergate Bay’s relaxation playlists HERE.

Our R1’s compact dimensions make it a stylish bedside radio, and Watergate Bay proudly feature them in all of their bedrooms. With its award-winning sound, DAB radio, Bluetooth and charging point R1 has everything you need for an enjoying evening getting ready for dinner. Don’t forget it also has an alarm if you need a wake-up call after your late night at the bar…!

We asked Watergate Bay what their reasons for choosing Ruark as their sound system of choice were:

“We chose Ruark Audio as our sound system for each of our bedrooms because of the quality of the sound and the overall design, but also because Ruark is a brand with similar values to us, a brand that we believe our guests would want to connect to.”

R2 Watergate Bay


At Ruark HQ we are only a stone’s throw from Southend on Sea’s beach, but we are still dreaming of a stay in the Cornish hotel. Watergate Bay are very generously gifting a two-night stay for two lucky guests, if you would like to enter this competition click HERE.