Ruark wins ERT’s Customer Service Award

Leading technology retailing title, ERT, recently held its annual awards ceremony to celebrate a year of innovation and success. Rubbing shoulders with some big industry names, Ruark was announced as the winner of the ‘Best Supplier Customer Service’ Award – an achievement we’re extremely proud of.

Adding a personal touch to the user experience is at the core of everything we do at Ruark – and our customer service is no different. There’s no robot on the end of the phone, nor any mediocre automated emails; it’s just us! Our team of audio experts is wholly invested in delivering the best products possible, and we embrace every customer service request that takes us a step closer to making that happen.

Where some larger businesses may automatically categorise customer questions and provide generic, usually unhelpful responses, at Ruark we dismiss this black and white approach and instead take each individual request as it comes. Whether a sales, press or product support enquiry, every conversation is equally valued.

In this industry, the standard customer service response time is around 24 hours, but users who have spoken with us before know that they’re likely to hear much sooner. Despite our quick turnaround, we like to liaise with lots of departments within the wider Ruark team to make sure our replies are as well-rounded as possible, collating insights from across the board, including the sales, development, and product design teams

Alan O’Rourke and Richard McKinney of Ruark Audio at the ERT Awards 2021

Sometimes, our product support service requires us to get our hands dirty. Throughout 2022, we’ll be continuing to prioritise sustainability through our renowned out-of-warranty repair scheme. Providing we’re still able to source the parts, we endeavour to repair as many radios as possible that come our way, giving new life to some truly beloved household radios.

For those with a more straightforward query, we’re also updating our website Q+As, video tutorials and online user guides to make sure these answers are as accessible as possible.

Put simply, the way we approach our customer service is a reflection of how we approach every aspect of our work at Ruark: by going the extra mile. Just as we put time and enthusiasm into each individual product, we make those very same investments into each individual customer. At the end of the day, where would we be without them?

If you want to get in touch, please reach us via our contact page.