R5 Signature - Precision in sound and design

If you were looking for a single Ruark design to showcase everything that makes our family-owned company so special, you’d be hard-pressed to find a finer example than the newly launched R5 Signature all in one music system.

It offers a remarkable combination of eye-catching industrial design, luxurious materials, an exceptional feature count, and class-leading audio engineering.

At Ruark we firmly believe that everyone deserves good design in their lives and models such as the elegant R5 Signature ensure that our customers enjoy life
that little bit more.

Happily, the R5 Signature can take centre stage in any location, thanks to a smart, upscale design, comprising Piano Lacquer finish with Rose Gold metal detailing.

Creating a true piano finish is a painstaking task and one that highlights just how much we care about attention to detail. It involves building the finish in multiple layers with hand sanding between coats. Once the final coat is applied, the lacquer is wet sanded with a very fine grit abrasive and then hand buffed and polished to a glass-like finish. Conventional methods of finishing do not compare with the lustre level that this process provides, and neither are they as long-lasting nor hard-wearing.

But as ever with a Ruark design the R5 Signature sounds as good as it looks. The standard R5 produces an impressive stereo soundstage that extends way beyond its dimensions. This is achieved through a proprietary algorithm and digital filtering. The R5 Signature has seen further tuning of this, creating a cleaner soundstage with greater depth and realism. The end result is our STEREO+ feature. Internally R5 Signature uses a high-fidelity Class A-B amplifier system and our own neodymium NS+ drivers, but with revised routing of key signal paths and the use of high purity oxygen-free speaker cables for extra sound clarity.

Empowering users to do more than they thought possible with such a system, R5 Signature is also hugely flexible. The superbly versatile one-box-wonder offers an unparalleled breadth of listening options, whether it’s CD, Smart radio (internet, DAB/DAB+,FM), Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth with aptX HD for wireless streaming.

In the long run all the very best designs – whether it be an IWC watch or Porsche 911 - make subtle but incremental changes to models over time. The R5 Signature is no different.

It builds on more than three decades of high-end audio and craftsmanship pedigree, while at the same time pushing forward towards our vision of the future. The outcome is a timeless product that customers will cherish and enjoy for years to come.

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