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Pure Evil R7 comes to Harrods

Ruark recently showcased two R7 audio systems at London’s Harrods, but not any old R7s. These were limited edition R7 audio systems transformed by artist Pure Evil!


Pure Evil The Artist

Pure Evil, or as he’s better known, Charles Uzzell Edwards, is a 43-year-old graffiti artist and London gallery owner. The artist who hails from South Wales attributes his passion for art to his father, Welsh painter John Uzzell Edwards. His father’s work in the cubist and minimalist styles has clearly been an influence for Charles, as the themes are reflected in his own work.

The artist draws further inspiration from the physical and cultural landscape of 90s America, a time which he spent in California working to establish himself in San Francisco, as a designer for clothing label Anarchic. It was here that he produced countless t-shirts with his unique style, which became synonymous with the 90s rave culture. From this, he turned his passion to music, becoming involved in the musical fabric of San Francisco as an electronic recording artist for Pete Namlook’s ambient electric music label, FAX, recording “Octopus” & “Dada” under the pseudonym Drum Machine Circle.

Street art, of course, proved to be Pure Evil’s most important artistic discovery during his 10 years in the US. Inspired by the initial influences of Twist and Reminisce, with a dose of skate culture, Pure Evil graced freeways with “Dump Bush” slogans and tagged gun stores as “Murderers”. However, there was one image he couldn’t fulfil with graffiti, the pull of London town.

On his return to London, the artist began an association with the people involved in Banksy’s “Santa’s Ghetto” and started creating prints for its walls. After being denied re-entry to the US he set up shop in a small shed in the Black Mountains of Wales. After this period of isolation and soul searching he moved back to London and prepared for his first Pure Evil exhibition in 2006. The success of which enabled him to open the Pure Evil Gallery in Shoreditch in late 2007 and the Department Store Gallery.

We believe this collaboration is an integral element of the evolving music scene, which sees artists, musicians, and manufacturers communicating in a unique dialogue that’s intrinsically linked with design. We see the shift in interior design moving away from the mass-produced and towards uniquely crafted authentic pieces of art within the home. Gone are the days of functionality over form, now a new era of substance and style is emerging. Our collaboration with Pure Evil has allowed us to showcase our products in a new light and to get involved in pop culture.

Ruark × Pure Evil Project

As part of this project, Pure Evil customised four R7 audio systems in his unique style. Ranging from Elvis to the Queen, the first of these pieces featured at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery as part of the artists “Teenage kicks” exhibition. They then went on sale at Harrods in a unique pop-up retaliating for £4,500 each. This collaboration demonstrates Ruark’s ongoing commitment to progressive design as well as exceptional sound.

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