Music Nostalgia - What’s the soundtrack to your youth?

Nostalgia impacts on many buying decisions, from shabby chic furniture to afternoon teas. A trend that we at Ruark embody and predict growing in the coming months. It’s also a trend that has inevitably hit the music industry. In fact, we’re in favour of refreshing our playlists in favour of re-discovering favourite songs and artists from yesteryear.

Media Exposure

When music labels are so prolific in creating and marketing new music offerings, why are listeners increasingly turning to existing artists? Films such as Bohemian Rhapsody and Mamma Mia 2 that thrived last year have helped stimulate the national love affair with retro music. They have also helped introduce a new generation of music lovers to past artists and bands. At one time, our exposure to music came from a limited number of sources. The modern media is far more extensive and can supply us with more music on demand - from any location. Providing us as listeners abundant opportunities to hear different genres of music from industry led heroes.

With increased music output available comes a growing chance of finding a track, musician or band that’s new to you, even though they are long gone.

Soundtrack of Our Youth

This year’s nostalgia theme is actually “nothing new” to an extent. There’s a natural tendency for us to enjoy the music of our youth. Though some people never lose their devotion to artists that first inspired them to dance, sing or play along. In fact, as we get older, listening to old favourites through a Bluetooth speaker can inspire a new level of appreciation. The songs we sang as teenagers can sound sweeter and more infectious in our adult years.

This swell of nostalgia in the coming months is partly a reaction to the uncertain and troubled times we live in. Music from the past can remind us of happier times and life’s milestone moments. How many times have you turned up the radio and said: “Oh I used to love this!” It’s a reminder of when life seemed more uncomplicated and brings a smile to our faces.

Timeless Classic

Take a trip down memory lane and rediscover your favourite songs with help from our range of modern music systems and their compatible technologies. They too borrow the best features of the past.

We have put together a collection of our favourite nostalgic songs from each of our childhoods… do any take you back to yours? Listen here.