Merry Christmas and a ‘Hoppy New Beer’ from the ‘Bruark’ team!

​Merry Christmas and a ‘Hoppy New Beer’!

11 months have gone by since the team donned their lovely green lycra bodysuits for 2018’s Christmas card, and they’ve only just managed to forgive me for that idea - I hope! We had some fantastic and hilarious feedback from that card, so it was going to be very hard to beat this year.

We thought long and hard about the design of this year’s card and decided the whole team would be involved, and the lycra would be kept away, for one year at least…

Ruark christmas card

​Alongside our Christmas card, we send a little gift out to everyone we work with who help support our brand and products, usually in the form of chocolate. This year, one Friday afternoon, we had a very ‘crafty’ discussion and came up with the idea to create our very own ‘Bruark’ beer!

We chose our flavour, designed our label and with the help of Leigh on Sea Brewery, we created our very own beer from scratch.

We hope you enjoy watching the making of this year’s card and beer and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a ‘Hoppy New Beer’ - hiccup... I mean Year!

*Please drink responsibly this Christmas - and do so whilst listening to a Ruark!

Written by: Topaz Garrard