Making the most of the mornings with Ruark Audio

This month has seen the highest number of commuters returning to the office since before the Pandemic, with thousands more people ditching the Teams calls in favour of the real deal. And with the return of the commute comes the re-introduction of the bygone morning routine

So as we bid adieu to the 8:45am lie-ins and go once more into the fray of public transport, we want to take a moment to reflect on what we missed about the mornings and show how you can enhance your pre-work routine with your favourite Ruark product.

The best way to prep for the morning is to get into a good nighttime routine. Listening to music or a podcast is a great way to unwind before getting some shut-eye, but remembering to pause your phone can be a nuisance. With Ruark’s sleep function, users can set how long their unit will continue to play before automatically turning off, offering up to an hour and a half of blissful listening. There’s also a headphone socket so you don’t disturb those who might not share your penchant for bedtime music.

The high contrast OLED display features auto dimming technology which adapts to the light of the room, so you can sleep peacefully without the bright glare of the clock illumination. And all while you’re asleep, your phone will be charging through the USB-C port so it’s topped-up and ready for some sleepy commute scrolling.

When it comes to waking up, there’s nothing like a piercing phone alarm to immediately put you in a mood. We prefer to welcome the morning with a song on our favourite radio station, the alarm time for which can be pre-customised for weekday and weekend starts.

Then comes the first big decision of the day – tea or coffee? Whichever you opt for, we believe that it’s best served piping hot, with a dash of milk, and preferably a side of sweet Spotify sounds. And whether you fall into the dance-around-the-kitchen group or the peacefully-enjoy-the-paper crowd, Ruark’s class-leading audio is perfect for all types of morning listening.

Yes, it may take a while to get back into the swing of going back to the office, but we believe that with the right set-up, the morning routine is something to be relished.