A Guide to this Season’s Hottest Home Interior Trends

The winter / autumn season is the perfect time to re-think your home interiors. We delve into the hottest home interior trends to bring you this guide.

If you’re sat pondering how the year is going by so fast and wondering how we’ve suddenly gone from summer holidays to thinking about Christmas then you’re not the only one! As the days get cooler and the nights draw in, the winter jumpers are dug out and the duvet is pulled back onto the bed, the autumn/winter season has well and truly kicked in. The leaves begin to fall, and an orange haze falls over the world, bringing the perfect time to rethink the style and interior design of your home. Say goodbye to bright airy living areas and say hello to blankets and cosy nights in with our 4 affordable top tips to change the feel of your home…

Hot chocolate, a blanket and a book

Size does matter

There’s something about curling up in an armchair, book in one hand with a hot chocolate or a good British cuppa in the other as the days turn colder. There seems to be a trend for larger sofas and armchairs, both in British design and elsewhere, creating the perfect hub to do just that. To accessorize, think oversized cushions, statement pendant lighting and follow the cosy vibe through with some chunky knitted throws.

Ruark Audio R1 in Burnt Saffron

Colour me beautiful

The air may be crisper, but there’s something so beautiful about autumn, everything bursts with natural beauty. Given this time of year, it’s perhaps understandable that there’s a shift towards a palette of deep plum, burgundy and purple tones. Why not give your home interior an injection of bold shades as well.

Milan Design Week was full of vibrant reds, strong yellows and navy blue. Alternatively, you can never go wrong with a crisp, classic white as a mainstay if you aren’t as adventurous, injecting bold colours into your rooms with accessories.

Inspired by the vibrancy of our own British autumn, we are delighted to have released two limited edition versions of our iconic R1, Wild Plum and Burnt Saffron. We have captured the aura of the season, replicating the beautiful tonalities of natural landscapes.

Touchy feely

This season, the emphasis is on creating a cosy, warm feeling, away from the crisp air and autumnal showers. We have seen plenty of velvet – a gorgeously tactile fabric – on the catwalks. You can use a plush velvet to cover a sofa or armchair, in a gemstone hue. Add to the ambience with sequined cushions, accessories made of brushed metal and plenty of reflective surfaces.

Wild plum R1 next to a computer

Bringing the outside indoors

Your healthy obsession with bringing the outdoors in can continue and is set to remain as a theme into the next year. Botanical prints, tropical themes and greenery are all the rage at the moment, and with a 75% increase of Pinterest searches, it looks like it’s here to stay. This addition can be as expensive or affordable as you like, with an array of high street stores selling statement pieces and accessories in this continuing interiors trend.

‘Autumn, the years last, loveliest smile’ – William Cullen Bryant

Along with the seasons, trends inevitably come and go, but classic elegance and superior quality will never go out of fashion. As William Cullen Bryant states, ‘Autumn, the years last, loveliest smile’. As the World clings onto the last bit of sunshine, it gives us a moment to take a breath, sit back and prepare for Winter.