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A Day in the Life With the All-New R2 Mk4

Here at Ruark, music is an essential part of our daily routine. From the moment we wake to our heads hitting the pillow, the right soundtrack makes all the difference.

Having a music system that can accompany you through the day is what inspired our latest product, the beautiful R2 Mk4. The fourth generation of one of our most beloved designs, R2 comes with a new slim footprint, which means it can seamlessly fit into any home and style of decor.

Imagining the different ways our customers will enjoy our products is one of the cornerstones of our development process - from the initial concept to the final design, how you will use R2 in your day-to-day has been our inspiration.

Like music, we hope R2 will become one of life’s essentials for its users. So, what might a day in the life with R2 look like?

Morning: Sun streaming in through a notch in your curtains, you wake up and head downstairs to make a coffee.

You look at the R2 sitting in your kitchen. Its smooth lacquer exterior and handcrafted slatted wood grille make it feel right at home alongside your cookbooks and that coffee machine you treasure.

Pressing the standby button on the R2’s trademark RotoDial controller feels delightfully tactile beneath your finger; you pause to look at the bright and crisp LED display, which tells you it’s 7am. Just in time to catch your favourite breakfast radio show.

Listening to the cheery chatter and upbeat songs, you sip your coffee (another one of life’s essentials) and prepare for the day ahead.

Ruark Audio R2 Mk4

Afternoon: Working away at your desk, you tune into your best-loved radio station via the R2’s internet radio tuner. From chilled-out techno beats to dreamy acoustic ballads, R2 makes every song sound clear and balanced. You marvel at details you hadn’t noticed before and wish you could just sit back and let the music wash over you. Unfortunately, there’s still work to do.

After a while, you switch to a podcast, admiring how crisp every word sounds; a glance at R2’s full-colour display lets you know that it’s time to start preparing for dinner.

Ruark Audio R2 Mk4

Evening: Your friends arrive to the smell of food cooking on the stove and the sound of your dinner party playlist streaming from the R2 via Spotify Connect. It may be small in stature, but it effortlessly fills the room with sound. You can tell your friends are jealous of your brilliant little music system.

As the night wears on, conscious of your neighbours, you use the R2’s handset to turn down the volume (just a touch).

Night (or maybe the early hours of the morning): The washing up can wait until tomorrow. You turn off the music for the first time that day and head to bed. Eyes struggling to stay open, you set an alarm for 7am. Actually, better make that 8.

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