5 Minutes with Dinara Kasko

Ruark Audio sat down with patisserie architect, Dinara Kasko, to learn how she combines her passion with her eye for architecture. Something Ruark know too well…

After graduating from the University of Architecture and Design, Dinara Kasko worked as an architect-designer and 3D visualizer, whilst making cakes and pies on the side as a hobby. Her hobby soon turned into her passion, and new-found talent found her career path in a different direction. With an interest still in architecture and realising that the appearance is just as important as the taste, Dinara began modelling her own moulds and prints with her 3D printer, to combine her love of patisserie and architecture. Dinara kindly sat down with us to discuss how she creates her masterpieces…

Please could you tell us a little bit about your experience as an architect-designer and 3D visualizer?

Yes, I have a degree in architecture- my specialization was computer design. I have always been good at it, and I like working with interior design better. But currently, I’m doing it not so often.

You started out baking as a hobby, when and how did you realise you wanted to pursue this as a career?

First, I practised baking at home. I got so interested in making pastry that I started attending classes for baking. And now I create my own moulds and recipes and teach classes. I have recently opened my own studio where I work on different interesting projects and teach classes.

What traits from your time as an architect would you say you use the most often whilst baking?

I work with the colour and composition. Every single cake is an object of design that doesn’t require any additional decorations.

Dinara Kasko

How do you come up with the inspiration for new ideas?

Inspiration can be in everything - it can be an object, a building, a country that I’m visiting and so on. I also get inspired by different kinds of art. Nowadays there is a lot of 3D modelling software that helps me create new moulds even without any inspiration or having any particular idea in my mind.

How do you go about pairing the flavours you use together in a dessert?

There is some information on the Internet that I can read. Also, I just mix some ingredients and see what turns out of it. I am fond of classic flavour combinations, that’s why I don’t do any extremely unusual flavour combinations very often, so what I do is pretty predictable and expected.

What’s your favourite piece you’ve worked on?

These are my two major projects - Ruby Cake (it was made for presenting Ruby chocolate) and the cake created for the Metropolitan Museum event. These projects are quite memorable as we spent a lot of time working on them.

Are your desserts available to buy once you have finished them?

Currently, I don’t sell my cakes as I mainly work on creating new moulds and providing consultations; I also teach classes. But as for now, there are no pastry shops where you could buy my cakes.

Dinara Kasko

You created the cake for Land Rover’s 70th Anniversary, what an amazing experience! How was that project?

It was also a major project that I didn’t mention about in the answer to one of your previous questions. I used a lot of chocolate for it, and I worked a lot with colours for this chocolate. Milling machine was involved in this process - we cut the chocolate using it. The cake was not pretty sweet, so it was more healthy.

You sell the moulds through your website, do you offer classes to teach customers how to create your masterpieces?

Yes, we sell moulds online; some of my recipes are available on my website, and some of them are published in different magazines. I also conduct master classes where I teach not just like to work with my moulds, but how to work with cakes in general.

Do you ever listen to music whilst you work? If so, how would you say listening to music effects or influences your work?

In my studio there are speakers and I can listen to music as loudly as I want. Everything depends on my mood. Music can help me to entertain when I am doing some routine work. When I need to get focused on something, I prefer doing it in silence.

And finally, do you have any exciting projects on the horizon which you can tell us about?

I am working on multiple projects in the meantime and we will announce about them next year. Several pastry shops will be opened in different countries that will sell my cakes. Also, there are some other projects for different brands that are being worked on using parametric design and a 3D printer.

All photo and video credits go to Dinara Kasko at www.dinarakasko.com.

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