Which iPod/iPhone adaptor should I use with R2i?

This answer applies to:

  • R2i Mk2

R2i features Apples Universal Dock design which will accommodate all 30 pin iPod/iPhone models produced from 2004 to date. Each iPod/iPhone model requires a specific adaptor to guide and help support it, when it is docked. The following link http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1380 explains more and shows which docking adapter should be used with each iPod/iPhone product. If you don’t have the correct adaptor these can be purchased from many Apple retailers and also directly from Apple through their website.

R2i also works with iPhone, Touch and Nano models with Lightning connector, but an adaptor is required which is available directly from Apple and many Apple resellers. You can view this device here. We also recommend that an Adaptor Support such as the one shown here is used in order to avoid strain and possible breakage of the 30 pin dock connecter.

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