The sound is distorted when I use the phono/line In inputs!

This answer applies to:

  • R3 Mk1
  • R5 Mk1
  • R7 Mk3

When using the Line In inputs, depending on the external device you are connecting, you should adjust the input gain of the input, so the volume level closely matches that of other built in sources such as radio and CD. To adjust the input gain press the menu button when you have Line In playing as the active source and the first option you will see is Input Level. Press the control knob to select and then scroll through the input level settings and listen. The best setting to select will be the one that closely matches the volume of other sources.

Also both R5 and R7 Mk3 feature a dedicated phono input which has a built in RIAA gain stage allowing a turntable with a moving magnet cartridge to be directly connected without the need of a separate phono preamplifier. Please note that some turntables already have a phono preamp built in, so please check specifications carefully before connecting, as plugging in such turntables to the phono input will result in distortion and bad sound quality due to overloading. These type turntables should be connected to the Line In input and again the sound level set as above.

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